What Will Occur?

A 30-45 minute comprehensive review of your medical history according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Proper interpretation of your signs and symptoms coupled with TCM diagnosis of your eyes, tongue, and pulse are part of this visit. Labs, x-rays, and any other pertinent medical records will be assessed for the relevance of your case.

Until Your Next Appointment...

We want you to pay attention to your body. Simple signs and symptoms such as cravings, aversion to heat/cold, and sleeping habits are all important to your doctor when assessing the complexity of your case.

Please bring in any relevant medical records that may fill in any gaps of your previous medical record. Don’t forget to make a complete list of medications, supplements, herbs, as well as their dosages if you have not already done so.

Food Journals

Anything and Everything that passes through your lips needs to be put on your food journal. Try to be as specific as possible. For example, if you ate yogurt label the brand and how much. Remember, this is just an assessment Dr. Smith uses to develop your personalized nutritional plan and not an instrument to judge so please be honest.